Monday, January 5, 2015

Cricut Explore Tutorial - Upload Tutorial

Back again with another basic Design Space tutorial. This one is how to upload images. Lets get started.

 You can upload the following files into Design Space: .jpg .gif .png .bmp .svg and .dxf.   Basic upload is for ,jpg .gif .png. and .bmp. Vector upload is for .svg and .dxf.  Don't ask me what they are, I have no clue. If you aren't sure what file it is, look at the name. At the end of the file name, it will say .jpg ect.

First screen with basic upload. Just letting you know the 3 steps. really doesn't do anything.

Choose which file to upload.

There are 3 options to upload. We will go over each one. First, Simple Image upload. Use this for limited color, especially black and white image.

Once you upload, you will clean up the image. The wand is the easiest to use. Click the color you want to remove and it will take away all that color that is touching. 

I clicked the white background and it went away. The blue checker board means there is no image there. Anywhere that has color, including white, will cut. Make sure to remove the background so it will cut the image. You can also use the erase using the eraser. you can remove parts you want with the eraser. You can zoom in on the image by using the + - magnifying glass. If you make a mistake, there is the undo, redo right next to it. You can also crop with that weird looking symbol next to the eye.

How you erase makes a difference. The first star does not have the middle of the star removed. The second uses an eraser to remove the center.  The last has the center removed.

 Use the eye to see the cut line. Where it is red is where it will cut.

This is how the 3 images above cuts. When it is solid like the first one, it only cuts the outside. Erase will create a new cut line. The bottom will cut on the outside and the inside.

Next is Moderately Complex image. Use for images that have more colors. But not too detailed.

You can adjust how many color it will register. Under advance options, you can tell it how many color to register. Take the image above. If you want to remove the red flower, it would be easier if you reduce colors to make the red the same shade of red. 

Complex images is what you want to use if you are using print then cut. This will keep the image exactly as it is. 

See the difference? There is dew on the flower that was not visible in moderately complex.

One thing you want to make when you upload, especially if you are using print then cut, is to remove the background. this is what it will cut if you keep it the way it is on the photo above. Unless you want it to cut the rectangle, you will need to remove the background. 

Now once you remove the background, it will cut the flower silhouette. Even if you are doing print then cut, you need to clean up the background.

Step 3. This is where you save the image. This is where an important step comes into play. Below the picture is a box. Preserve original image. You want this box clicked for print then cut. It keeps the image exactly  as it is, with the color detail. The preview will show the image, plus the red outline that it will cut. It is hard to see the red cut line, but it is there.

If you do not want to use print then cut, just to cut the image, then unclick the button. It will change the preview to just the red cut line.
Here is where you change the name and add any tags. Tags will be key words it will search for when you use search. Yes, any image you upload will show up in insert image, just like any Cricut image.

Once you save, the image will pull up on the main upload screen. Here you can see the difference between print then cut and just cut. The full image will show. Cut only will be black.

Both print then cut and cut on the design canvas. The print will have the printer symbol next to it and will show up in color the whole design. Cut will be black and have the scissors next to it. Now if you come to this part and it shows print when you want it to cut, check out my {how to switch tutorial}.

Next is how to load a svg or dxf files. Choose vector upload for these.

 svg files are easy to upload. Just one step. Choose your file and name it. IF there are layers, it will show up as each layer. This flower has 3 parts to it. 

I hope this helps you when you go to upload images.  Check out my other {Design Space tutorials}

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