Friday, October 31, 2014

November blog hop - it's the little things

Welcome to this month's bloghop featuring the stamp set It's the Little Things.

 This is  circle hop so wherever you started, just keep on hopping til you get back  to where you started.  You should be coming from {Carol-Anne Grenier}.  Next in the hop is {Melissa Robinson}                                             

So with every sotm, I try to come up with a unique way to use the stamp.  One of the flowers looks like a bullsyeye so I ran with it.

You can use a punch to mke this card, but I did not so I brought out my explore. 

 I took a circle from Art Philosophy, every cartridge has a circle. I made the circle 1 1/2 inches.  Then I took a rectangle, made it 5 1/4 x 3 3/4. Now you line up your circle where you want it and use the slice button found above in the picture.  Then you get this cut out.  Did you know that every image has a number in design space.  It makes looking for things easier.  I used #m4763s for the circle (Artbooking is #m46f6e, Artiste is #m39e86) and #m4763s.

On a side note, I love these photos.  I just got the s5 and the camera is amazing.  

Ok, back to the cards. The next one is a Christmas card using the leaves from the set. 
I saw another card that had this framing to it and thought I would give it a try.  Not sure how I feel about it.

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Thank you from stopping by.  Next in the hop is {Melissa Robinson}

Recipe : All products are from Close To My Heart

    S1411- It's the Little Things
    A1117  - A Typeface
    C1602 - Magical Moments
     1385 - White Daisy Cardstock
     Z2170 - Ruby Ink Pad
    Z2105 - Black Ink Pad
    Z2173 - Slate Ink Pad
    Z1151 - 3D Foam Tape
    Z1686 - Art Philosophy

Seasons Greetings
     S1411 - It's the Little Things
     B1468 - Merriest Christmas
     1385 - White Daisy Cardstock
     Z2137 - Olive Ink Pad
     Z2105 - Black Ink Pad
     Z1979 - Journaling Pen
     Z1471 - Ruler

Thursday, October 16, 2014

How to make 3D snowflake with the Explore

Welcome to my blog.  I am going to show you how to make 3D snowflakes using the Explore.  Now you can do this with any machine or even without the machine.  I will add notes throughout to explain how to do this without a machine.

Lets get started.

Open up Design Space.  Now you can do this with any snowflake, but I used a dingbat font from

If you are using a font, open the text box, type the letter, I used the G snowflake.  Change the font to snowflake.  To make this easier, you can type in the font name and it will pull up.  Change the font size to 5 inches. If you choose to use a cricut image, you would choose insert image and select which image you choose to use.  Recommendation: the snowflake I used is very delicate, I would recommend using a snowflake with a solid outline.  (If you are using another machine you would choose the image and cut, or cut out a snowflake on your own.)

Next you will need to add score lines.  Search for score line in images and it will pull up what you need. (Doesn't apply to anything outside of Design Space)

Add you score lines.  The black lines is where you will add the score lines, plus the vertical line shown.  There will be four total gong across the snowflake. (If you are not using Design Space, you will add the score lines by yourself.  Use a score board to make this easier.  Skip the next 3 images)

Make sure to select all and hit attach. Hit the GO button.

Make sure everything is on one mat.  If it is not, go back and attach. Here you can have it do two snowflakes.  I tried to do 4, but it crashed on me.  But you can try.

Change your dial to custom and choose Cardstock, Intricate Cuts.

The rest id directions for all the snowflakes.

These are the cuts after they are cut.

Now fold on the score lines.  The easiest way to do this is fold all the mountain folds, then fold it over and do all the valley folds.

Now lay flat and fold all the mountain folds and valley folds so it looks like the picture

Place the two snowflakes on top of each other.  Glue just the tips of the valley fold. This is where it becomes difficult when its lacy like this.  You have such a small area to glue.  Do not glue the whole valley fold, it will not pop up if you do this
 This is the completed snowflake.  Below is the side view to show the dimension.

This is the first snowflake I made.  Again very delicate and difficult to glue. But very pretty.

I used Frosted paper packet from Close to My Heart.  This paper is retired but our current paper pack Yuletide Carol - X7187B or Snowhaven X7188B would work perfectly.  I also used Liquid Glass Z697 to glue the snowflake together.

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