Monday, December 22, 2014

Cricut Explore Tutorial - How to switch from print to cut. Updated for 2.0

Stopping by with a quick tutorial for you. If you have an image that is showing up as print but you would like it to cut, here are a few steps to help you out.

When you go to upload an image under basic upload, make sure to unclick the button above the save button. If this is clicked, it will automatically save the image as print and not cut. The preview should only be showing a red outline for it to cut.

If you already have the image uploaded and do not wish to upload again, you can change it. You will need to unflatten the image.

Once unflattened, click fill with solid color and then you can change over to cut.

If you choose a Cricut image that it coming up as print, you can change that as well. Again choose the unflatten button and change the layers back to cut. 

Note: not all Cricut images will work with cut only. If they are made as a print file, some only have the one layer. Like this book plate image. It is made for print then cut. Once you unflatten and switch to cut, it will only have one layer with no detail.  There is no way of knowing this, so you will have to test out the image to see if you can unflatten and cut with layers.

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