Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cricut Explore Tutorial - Making Pattern Alphabet

Hello. Back again with another tutorial.  I have been playing around with one for a bit. I am finally able to bring it to you. This is how to make your own pattern alphabet. Once you see the pictures, you will understand.

I found two ways to make this, and I will show you steps for each one.
I am using Close To My Heart Artbooking cartridge for the overlays. There are other carts you can do this with. I even have a tutorial on how to take cards from Artfully Sent and make them into overlays. You can see that tutorial {here}.

Artbooking cartridge has all the layers grouped together, like so. You will have to choose an overlay by seeing the whole images grouped together. Here is where I consult the handbook to actually see the overlay. {The Non Crafty Crafter} has all the Close To My Heart cartridges here with all the codes for Design Space. If you don't know how to use image codes, check out my {image codes tutorials}.  I am using #MA9B8B .

Like I said before, all these images come grouped together. There are also images that are hidden. What I do is make every image visible. Ungroup. Move the overlay that you want. Select everything else and delete. I found this to be easier than deleting every image by itself. Just remember to ungroup whenever more than one image comes together in Design Space.

Choose a font. You want something bold and solid. I used Art Philosophy font.

Size the letter to be fill the overlay. 
Select the two and only two images and slice. You can only slice with two images.

Once you slice, it comes as 3 images. With the print option, you will need two. Delete the large box and keep the two letters. If you are doing cut, you just want the layer that looks like the original overlay. More on the option later.

For print follow these steps. Change both the layers to different colors. Whatever colors you want it to print. Make each layer a different color so the design shows. 

Select both layers and flatten.

It will show the printer icon once it is ready to print then cut.

Now, if you want to cut, it will take different steps.  To cut you only need one of the sliced layer. 
Choose which one want.

Make a solid version of the letter. I usually copy and paste before I slice to make sure they are the same size. It will cut both layers and you will place the slice image on top of the solid image.

Cut out of Close To My Heart cardstock. This is my favorite with cutting with the Cricut. 

I glued these together using Bonding Memories glue pen, also from Close To My Heart.

This technique would be great to do names in vinyl on the walls. Or on a phone case. So many options.

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The Close To My Heart products used in this tutorial:
Black Cardstock 1386
Indian Corn Blue Cardstock 1284
Bonding Memories Glue Pen Z553
Art Philosophy Cartridge Z1686
Artbooking Cartridge Z1906

You can order these item at {nikkageers.ctmh.com}


  1. This is great and very helpful but I am struggling with using my own image from Google. I want to make letters with giraffe pattern, but when I try this with the steps the letters just turn gray. I tried them with the pattern from within cricut and it worked fine. I love your screenshots of this tutorial...they are really helpful. Thanks for any suggestions on how to use my own pattern images that I have uploaded into design space. Nice work.

    1. My guess would be is when you are uploading your image, you are only cleaning up the outline and not every part of the image. To get this effect, it needs to have positives and negatives to the image