Saturday, March 31, 2012

SOTM bloghop - April

Welcome to this months sotm blog hop. This month we are showcasing "You Are..."
This is a circle hop, so you can start anywhere. Before me in the hop is Brae . Next in the hop is Krista
I had a hard time with this one and i'm not sure why. Then I got inspiration from a card in the idea book. It is a pure CASE, except i used the sotm. The card below is the on I made
This is the card found on page 109 in the idea book. I did not have the persnickety journal spots, so i made my own. to get the border, i just cut a frame for the cricut, since all the chipboard has cricut cuts, and used it as a mask.then stamped the lines from the sotm and embossed, then sponged in the color.
hope you enjoyed my artwork. Next in the hop is Krista

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm gonna be gone for a while

Normally i do the spotlight blog hop on the 15 th, and as you can see this month I didn't. Why? Because I just found out I moving back to Michigan. Only til oct, maybe. My hubby reenlisted and his new ait date is may 2013. What? So I can't deal with another year of fort Irwin, which is practically hell on earth. So I'm moving back for half of that. I already have most of my craft room packed, so I am unable to craft. I will still be doing the sotm blog hop on the first, because the card is already made. Hah, got those done when I got all my new stuff in jan. but the spotlight and use it or lose it blogs I will not be able to participate in, till I get home in April. I will be drive all the way there, yes from Cali to Michigan , with my mil and my dog. But once I am there, I should have all the fun stuff I am making for my moms wedding to post. Yes use it or lose it will still be running, just without my artwork. See you soon.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Use It or Lose It Challenge 3 - Inchies

Welcome to Use it or Lose It challenge three. This challenge we are using inchies. They are just one inch squares.

Ok, so one day I went off base to get a 1 inch square punch. Simple task, right. Wrong. I stopped at Walmart and Target. Didn't think they would have any, and I was right. Went to Michaels, they would have one, right. Wrong again. Two sections of punches, not one i needed. Stopped at Jo-Anns on they way back. What luck, the store was moving and everything was at least 50% off. Headed straight to the punch section. Again, no one inch square punch. I had to order it online once I got back home. But now I have one and comes in handy for this inchie project. You can use a paper trimmer or the cricut, but sometimes punches come in handy. You can use the square punch to get that ribbon edge. I used it to make the clippy thingies. I cant think of the word. But the punch made it easy to do such a thin strip. I would not have been able to trim that thinly with my paper trimmer.
I was inspired by a scrapbook sketch for the above look.
Punched out inchies windows. I'm glad I was able to use this stamp set. I love it but never got to use it before.
This is a game i made for my gatherings. I used the cricut to cut the inch squares. You can get 100 from a 12 x 12 sheet. There are many stamps from ctmh that are under one inch.

I hope you enjoyed my inchies. If you would like to play along, visit the Use it or Lose it blog.
Use it or Lose it

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mojo Monday 231

I know so many posts today. Soon I will try for more ,once I am done with school.
This is my take on the current mojo Monday sketch. You really have to look at it to see it. I used the Sophia journal spot for the circle part and used artwork instead of the tag. You see it now, don't ya.

How a organize pt 1

ok, i know i have done a couple of these, but this is how i am currently organizing my craft room. i will do this in a couple of parts, just focusing on a key part each post.
This is how i organize my stamps. i use to do the little crate boxes you get for a dollar but my collection was adding up quick. (i have no idea how that happpended :) ) One day i found these plastic crates outside. my neighbor was throwing them away. i have no idea what they are really for, but they were big and sturdy so i knew i could use them. Happy accident, i found they fit my stamps. WOOHOO. out went the plastic crates. Another happy accident is that they fit side by side perfectly in my bookcase under my desk. again, WOOHOO.
How i have them is far left, retired ; middle left , last idea book and old sotm; middle right, current wotg and sotm, old wotg; far right, current idea book.
I have a stamp catologe, where i stamp every stamp i own and place them into catagories. this took forever because i did not start when i started ctmh. i already had about 100 stamps. it took me two days. but it was worth it. now when i get new stamps, i just add it to my catalog. This has helped me out a lot.
Also, so i put my stamps in the right place, i color code my stamps. only current and last idea book. I also just started numbering them. Current stamps are number by the idea book (i.e. first stamp is 1, second stamp is 2. there are over 80 stamps in the new idea book, not counting wotg and sotm) Last idea book is just numbered by how many i have. ( i think i have 20) I go by where the show up in the idea book.

This i know i have shown but i am showing it again. this is the only thing that hasn't changed since i started it as an ink organizer. Its past life was a wooden cassette box. Got it for $2 and a garage sale. Love me some bargins. I used to use it for my acrylic paint and wooden stamps. I now have my paints in a clear box. i use cardboard to make little cubbies so i can take out my ink pads on at a time. on the other side i have jars and my blocks. i dont think i will ever be using this for something else. just works too good.

so that was part one of my tour. come back next week where i will show you how i organize my paper and scraps, for at least this month

sneak peek - use it or lose it challenge

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