Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cricut Explore Tutorial - Images Codes Updated For 2.0

Here I am again with some more tutorials on how to use the Cricut Explore. I love this machine so much. But did you know that every image has a code? So what does that mean? The guys at Cricut have given every Cricut image an unique code that you can use to find and pull up any image. Smart guys at Cricut i tell you. Now what does that mean for you? You know how some of the ctmh stamps set work with our cartridges to cut out an image that you can then stamp one?

Like this stamp set C1604 Forever in My Heart (check out {this blog post} to see this stamp in use).  On the stamp carrier is say the cartridge name on the top right of the sheet.  By the image it has size and a page number.  The size is what size you need to cut it at (a tutorial will be coming soon on how to size in Design Space) , and the page you can find the image in the handbook.  
Now on the older machines, you need to know what key to use to get that cut so the handbooks are necessary.  But in Design Space, the handbooks are only used if you want to see what comes in the cartridge.

Right now, they do not have a filter for the cartridges you own. I hear they are making a quick fix to change that. But you can choose cartridges and search that way.

Once it is under cartridges, search for the cartridge name. they are now all alphabetical.

Click on the cartridge you want and this is what it pulls up. Even in 2.0, the images are random.

But you can find an image easily using the images codes. Each image has its own code that you can use to search for that image. To find the code, click on the i button on the bottom right of the image,

This is what it pulls up now in 2.0. It has the name of the image, the image code, the option to buy the image (the price is now on the bottom bar of the image) and which cartridge it can be found in. If you click the cartridge name, it will pull up the whole cartridge.
The image code will always start off with #M.

Just enter the code in the search bar and it will pull up the image. Quick and easy.
Now I have a post it note with the codes of the images I use a lot. Like score line (#M48E16), circle (#M415EE), and rectangle (#M41F28).  Those are all free images in Design Space. I also have codes to images with the Close To My Heart cartridges I use a lot too.

Now Narelle from {thenoncraftycrafter} has done all the hard work for us on some of the cartridges, including all of the Close to My Heart carts.  They are printable but I don't have a printer, mine is being delivered today.  So I took the booklet and wrote all the codes down.  I started my own are the Artfully Sent cart but it is a lot of work since the images are not in any order so you have to search through the book to find that image,  It is a pain and I didn't have all the time so I waited til she posted her and finished that way.  

This is how my booklet looks.  All of the codes are written down.  Now some of the images are linked together so there is only one code, like the one on the bottom right.

Artfully Sent is another story.  All the pop up card and icons are grouped together.  All the scene cards are grouped together.  So, to save time, I added the codes for those on the picture of the card on the left.  Then if it wasn't grouped together, I wrote that code with the image.  This is how my booklet look for that cart.

So this is the tutorial for today.  If there is any tutorials you would like to see, please leave a comment below.  

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Close to My Heart items featured : C1604 Foerever In My Heart,  Z1686 Art Philosophy, Z3017 Artfully Sent


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