Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Whats new in Design Space 2.0

Yay. Design Space 2.0 is up and running. There are a bunch of new features and bug fixes. So lets get started.

 They made everything full screen. When inserting images, you have small icons and large icons.

Click the 4 square button on the top of the screen to make the thumbnails larger.

There are new filters. To chose those, click the funnel on the top of the screen.
You can see your images, also filtered by uploaded, that are free, part of the subscription, and purchased. You can also filter by type of image and layers like the old filters. And they work. I always had problems with the old ones.

You can search by categories. You can now easily see the free this week images. You can also search by holidays, baby, ect. Also can search by brands.

 Cartridges are now filed alphabetical. They have thumbnails showing a few of the images. Plus it shows if there is a font with that cart. Clicking it will only open the cartridge. You still have to chose the font in the edit box. You can also buy the cartridge from this screen.

You can search for an image inside of a cartridge. Or use filters to narrow the search. 

It no longer pulls up the info by hovering. You will need to click the info button on the bottom right corner to pull up info including name, image codes, and cartridge name. You are still able to click on the cartridge name and pull up that cartridge.

On the bottom of the screen, you can easily delete an image by clicking on it.

Upload image is now full screen. There is a huge button the says preview to see what the cut will be. No more little eye.

The button the preserve the image for print then cut has moved to the right bottom of the screen. Remember to unclick this to have the image cut only.

SVG files now come in correct proportions. They maybe very large when they come in tho. 

The search bar is more visible for fonts. You can easily switch between cricut fonts, systems fonts and have a writing style. They are in a box just like the fonts. When searching, the full name will be shown beside it.

The layers, ect. boxes are now docked. 

But they can  be undocked by dragging them to the mat.

You can also have them do two at a time. Half on top and another half on the bottom. Just click and drag to the bottom.

Set canvas is now easier to use. They have more preset canvases. You can change the color just by clicking.

They change how to edit the image to have them the same between Design Space and the Ipad app.
Top left is the delete button. Top right is rotate. Bottom left is the lock for proportions. Bottom right is for sizing.

You can click the lock and it will change the right button. You can now drag to change the size in any direction.

The zoom button is now on the bottom left of the mat. You can click on the number to have it easily change back to 100%.

Things are labeled so no more hovering to find out what it does.

Mat Preview is now full screen. If you need to get back to the design mat, click the x on the top right of the screen.  You can easily change between the mats. Click the arrow on the left or right to scan through the mats. You have to change each mat individually to mirror image.

Even the 12 x 24 mat is full screen.It will keep the square mat, but have a yellow outline of 12 x 24. You can only place them items within the yellow outline. But no more scrolling to see the bottom of the mat.

If you set your dial to iron on, it will notify you if you did not mirror the image.

You can easily pay from Design Space. If you have the subscription, it will show your renewal date.

There you go. All the new changes to Design Space. Hope this makes everything smoother for your crafting. 

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