Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cricut Explore Tutorial - Shaped Monograms

Hello yet again. I am back with another tutorial. I will show you how to do shaped monograms in Design Space.

Yes, that was all done in Design Space. Let me show you how.

I am using image #M46EAC from Art Philosophy. You are going to make your own outline, so duplicate the image.

I made the image .25 inches bigger. I think that makes the perfect size for an outline.

Select both and slice. You want a second solid heart the same size as the outline.

Add text. I used Don Juan. I don't own this so I won't be able to cut it. But I think it is perfect for this. Remember, you can design using any image in Design Space. You will need to buy it if you do no own it, when you go to cut. 
Remember with monograms it goes first, last, middle. Still looks weird to me.
Size the letter close to what you want, then click to separate the letters.

Now that the letters are separate, resize the middle letter. Try to stretch vertically and not change the width too much. This is where you want to spend time making this perfect. On my first one, I made sure that whole letter fit inside the shape, and I like that one better. This is where stretching works too. Long and narrow looks good.

Because you can only slice 2 layers at a time, you will have to do this in steps. The most important part is to not move anything during this. Use the eye to hide the layers you do not need.

Hide all the layers except the first letter and the heart. Select them and slice.

Now select the heart and the middle letter. Slice.

Select the heart and the last letter. Slice.

Now get rid of everything you do not need. What you do need is the sliced letters and the outline.

This is where the not moving anything come important. You want everything to line up. If you moved anything, you will have to relalign it again. Place the outline over the letters. Everything will need to overlap to weld. Select all and weld.

There you go. Shaped monogram. The blue one I like better. It shows the letters more. Play around with it. You will find what you like.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
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Art Philosophy Z1686