Monday, February 2, 2015

How to store vinyl

I wanted to share how I store my vinyl. Close to My Heart  has these awesome organizers.  I use the medium  and large, but you can use the small to store all your tools. The photos I took are from the large organizer. I could probably fit about 12 rolls of vinyl. I do have my printable vinyl atill in the box and it fits perfectly. It can fit rolls up to 14 in wide. 

The nice thing about these organizers are they are sturdy.  The handle isn't going to pop of while carrying something. And it closes completely, so if you are storing something small in there, it isn't going to fall out. They have dividers in them, but I removed them for the vinyl. I use the medium one for my pocket scrapbooking cards.

Another cool thing, Close To My Heart has a rolling tote that fits these organizers. So if you travel with your materials a lot, you have a great tote to carry everything with. And it fits a few of these totes.

Stop by {} to pick up your own totes.

Small organizer Z4138
Medium organizer  Z4139
Large organizer Z1834
Rolling tote Z3032

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