Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cricut Explore Tutorial - Contouring

This tutorial was requested and it is an easy one so you will have two tutorials today.

This post is on how to use contouring in design space.  Contouring is basically removing parts of the design.  It is different than slice.  Slice is basically like a cookie cutter.  It cuts on all the lines of both images.  Contour removes certain areas of the design, leaving the whole image except what you choose to remove attached.

 Open you image in ds.  I am unsure if you can use contour with svg's or just Cricut images.  Choose your image and upload.  Now some images are grouped and attached.  First make sure to ungroup the images.

Once ungrouped, make sure all images are detached.  Delete any images you will not be using.

 This image is from Artfully Sent.  It is meant for a christmas card, but you can remove all the christmas stuff and just make it a box.

Choose the contour button shown above.  It will make the image blue.  You have a choice to click on every part of the image.  Once you do, it will turn that part of the image teal.  Any part of the image that is teal will be removed.  Make sure to click the contour button again once you are done.

This is what you will end up with.  Just the box is left. Simple enough, right?  I thought it was going to be harder than that.  Didn't even have to google or youtube it.
So now edit your images to your hearts content.  I can now use this christmas image as a birthday card.  Or have a puppy coming out of it.  You can add a image and use slice to have it cut out, or just get a stamp and stamps right above it.  For my slice tutorial and any other tutorials I have, visit my {tutorial page}

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