Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day 2 Sneak Peek Revealed - Magic

If you have not been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you missed a 10 sneak peeks of the new Artistry cartridge. I can finally post them here on the blog. And you can find out how I made them.
Here was day 2 sneak peek.

Looking through the booklet, I first saw these glasses. I immediately thought of Harry Potter. No, I am not a fan, but had a few friends who are fans. Some are even uber fans.
Then I found the lightning bolt and knew I had to make a card.

I remembered one of the minimalist poster for Harry Potter, which was just the glasses and the lightning bolt.  I searched so I could show you.

If you haven't seen these type of posters, check them out {here}. I made some posters for my cousin using the ones for Star Wars.

I wanted the magic to stand out more, so I made it larger than the rest of the sentiment. I also cut it out of glitter paper. I love how this cuts in the Explore.

The font is a Harry Potter font I downloaded.  Uses image #M410290 (glasses) and #M40FBA7 (lightning bolt)

I hope you enjoyed this "sneak peek". You don't have to wait to get this new cartridge. Check out my {Artistry Special} and make this card for yourself today

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