Saturday, June 6, 2015

Special - My Crush Blog Hop

Hello. Welcome to a special blog hop. Close To My Heart is doing a special with the My Crush books. Buy the book and coordinating embellishments and you get the coordinating stamp set free.

Like always, our hops go in a circle. So just keep hopping until you get back where you started. If you do not start here, you will be coming from {Jenny Gilbert}. Next in the hop is {Lilian Forsyth}

My Crush books are 10 x 7 in books with pattern paper where you can quickly put photos and journaling without making your own scrapbook. They are great for vacations or birthdays where you take a lot of photos but don't want to try to fit them all on a scrapbook page. They are so easy, you can do them in the car driving home.

 I am using My Crush Bluebird book. I have had this since it cam out last year but never did anything with it. I do have the coordinating assortment for this book, but did not use them in these projects, nor the stamp set.

You are probably wondering why I am showing you the cover of the book. Doesn't look like I did anything. Remember when I said they are 10 x 7? I cut my book in half. Really. 
I wanted to make more like a journal  / daily planner but I didn't want to use the whole book for just one project. 
I used a box cutter and a straight edge and just kept going over it until it was cut all the way through. This does leave a raw edge, but it doesn't bother me. You could always paint the edge. I used wire cutters to cut the binding in half.

I used my Explore to cut out page dividers. I used image #M428EB and welded to a square.

Here is a better look. I used washi tape to label them for two reasons. First, I chose the darkest pages for my dividers because it was hard to see the writing. Second, I can always change what the section is for. Normally my hand writing looks better than that. Today was just a bad handwriting day.

 One thing I did come across was depending on which part I used, there was a little extra on top or the bottom.  If you look at the picture, you will see what I mean. The zebra print has the extra on top, but the left page has it on the bottom. You can always go through and trim them to be even, but I really didn't care.

Because I used the existing pages to make the dividers, I had to cut down the sheets so I could see the dividers. I cut the pages down by .75 of an inch. I also cut all of my pages in half .
Here is a trick I want to share with you. When you are cutting a lot of the same sizes, use a piece of washi tape to mark the measurements. That way you will always have the right size with left work.

I had all these .75 inch left overs so I had to do something with them. I wanted to also to do a scrapbook page but ran out of time. 
I made this card using those scraps. I took a heart (#M46EAC) and changed the sizes to .7, .5 and .3 and staggered them to make an overlay. Then glued those pieces to the back side and adhered to a card base. This hides the crazy mess of scraps on the back. I was going to add a sentiment, but again, ran out of time. 

I hope you enjoyed my projects. Next in the hop is {Lilian Forsyth}

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  1. Hmm....cut your book in half did you now. Interesting!

  2. Now this is really thinking outside of the box. I would have never thought of cutting the book in half.

  3. Cute idea! Way to change it up to make it work for you

  4. Wow! Book surgery! Great idea with the tabs! Love the card!

  5. Wow! Wow! Wow! Two for the price of 1...I love it!!

  6. Love what you have repurposed this for and the resulting card is sweet.

  7. Great idea cutting your book in half. Nice card using the scraps. Love the placement of the hearts.

  8. Wow, I never would have thought to cut it in half. I'm not even brave enough to cut my stamps apart...

  9. Wow! I too was surprised that you cut your book in half, but it's nice to know that you can if another shape/size works better for a project. I love how you used the scrap bits of paper.

  10. What!? You cut your book in half?! Crazy! But it turned out AWESOME! Love the card too.

  11. Really like your heart overlay card. Great way to use the Cricut!

  12. So brave!!!! I love that overlay card too - the hearts are adorable and I love the mix of patterns.

  13. Very clever Nikka! I looked at the pictures first and my initial thought was, the book looks shorter, now I know why! Great job!