Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cricut Explore Tutorial - Partial Die Cut A Window

Greetings. I have been working on this tutorial for a while. Just had to figure out how to do it. And now that I have, I can share with you.

I have been seeing this technique using real dies to make a window card. It involves partial die cutting and scoring. It was tricky to do in Design Space, but here it is.

You will need a rectangle (#M47638) , shape you wish to cut out (mine was a heart #M46EAC) and a score line (#M48E16). I forgot to bring in the score line, so I had to add it later.
You need to rectangles so duplicate the one you have.

Size one of the rectangle, I did 4.25 x 5.5. It can be the whole card or just a strip.  Then size the heart to your finished size. Select the rectangle and the heart and slice.

Take the sliced heart and make it a tad smaller. You need to make sure that the heart is not touching the rectangle or it will weld together. You need the space between the images small so it won't be noticeable on the finished project. 

Take that second rectangle and place it over the heart were you want the fold line to be. Size the rectangle so it fits inside the area needed. 
Select all and weld.

This is how it should look. Solid on the one side, where it folds, and the heart should be separate from the rest of the card. If you heart welds shut, go back and make the heart slightly smaller.
Add the score line to where it needs to fold, select all and attach.

Now there will be a small gap on the project around the image, but it should be small and barely noticeable. Some images may not work with this, as they have spots that can't be shrunk slightly without welding to the rectangle. This method is partly trial and error. 

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  1. Brilliant!!! I've seen this everywhere and wondered if it could be done with the Cricut! TFS!!!

  2. Thanks for the tip! A new trick to add!

  3. Can you share a finished card with this technique? I can't visualize what would be happening with that partial cut out heart. thx.

    1. I will. I am without my explore at the moment