Sunday, March 29, 2015

5 Minute Tutorial - How To Make A Shaped Card

It's Sunday. I almost wasn't able to make it today. The pain from my surgery has been bad lately. But here it is. Today's tutorial is on how to make a shaped card. So let's get started.

Chose the shape you would like. I am using a balloon image for Artiste cartridge, #M45A50. You will also need the score line, #M48E16. Duplicate your image.

Once duplicated, chose one of the images. Under the Edit box, you will mirror you image. Which way you mirror will all depend on the type of image. I could have attached them next to each other, but was easier to do it on top.

If there is a cut out in the design, like the one here, you will want to use contour under the layers box so the back of the card is a solid image.

Line up your images. I find the easiest way is to move it against the edge of the mat, like pictured. Use the top if the fold is the other way. Make sure to overlap the images slightly. It will not weld if there is no overlap. Mae the overlap small though. You don't want to loose to much of the image because of the fold. Under the layers box, chose weld.

Here is you welded image. Take your score line and place it where you want the fold to be.

Remember to select all and attach. If you want to write on the card, whether it be the inside or the outside, it doesn't matter which side is which. Just fold accordingly. 

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  1. thanks so much for this tutorial I am new to the explore so you are such a big help I am now a new follower of you

  2. Great tutorial! I always find something else I need to know when I read your blog. Thanks.