Sunday, March 22, 2015

5 Minute Tutorial - Using Contour To Get Positive Image

I am finally back with a new 5 minute tutorial. I an be upright without too much pain. Hoping to get into the craft room in a day or two.

Normally, when I want to get a positive image from a negative, I will use slice. But sometimes slice is not an option. You can use contour instead to get that image. If you are not quite getting what I am talking about, the pictures will explain.

First, in case you didn't know, they have added a filter option for cartridges so you can now see all your cartridges.

Onto the tutorial.

Choose the image you would like. See how the flower are cut out. That is the negative. This image would be hard to use slice because of how the flowers are grouped together. I am using image #MCBA4F from Artfully Sent.

Choose contour under layers tab. Your whole image will turn blue. Select everything that is not your image you want positive, including the card itself. Your image should be the only one with a dark blue outline. Everything else will be the green outline.

Click off the image and you should be left with the positive image. So easy to do. This will not work the other way around. You will have to slice a rectangle to get a negative from a positive.

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  1. I love your tutorials. Brilliant idea on your part. They are so much quicker than watching videos and easier to refer back to when instructions are needed later. Thanks !

    1. I totally agree. I love written tutorials, I can zoom through them in less time than it takes to write this comment. <3