Saturday, January 8, 2011

Waiting by the door...

for my presents I got from Close to my Heart. Ok, I'm not sitting right next to the door, but its an apartment so its pretty close to the door no matter where I am. I won't get to play immediately tho. :( When we came home, we brought some extra baggage, and my hubby's niece to go with them. So I am now a guardian of a 15 yr old girl, very unexpected. That means totally revamping the house so she can have her own room, and revamping the craft room so she can craft with me.

I will still be doing the blog hop on the 15th, so look foward to that. But that might be my first post for the year ( yes, I know this is a post, but there is no art so it doesn't count). I hope I can also do some sneak peeks of the new goodies I got before the new catty goes live in Feb, but we will just have to see about that one. Maybe if I can clean (groan) fast enough, I can start crafting earlier.

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