Monday, January 10, 2011

Storage Ideas.

I have to clean up my room so my niece can join me with crafting. I would have pics to sho but my camara has no batteries and cannot find any in the house. UGH. hate when that happens.

I got unt the shelve wine rack when it was on sale awhile back wanting to use it for my crafts. I finnaly found a way to use it. With my sponges, i use a binder clip. if you have on clip up and one clip down, u can slid it in. this has the bonus of drying them and still are able to read the names. on the other two shelves i have my reinkers holding. this will probably make more since once i get photos up, but that wont be till i find battieres that work. i added an o ring on the cap of the reinker, and used a rubber one just smaller to keep the large o ring in place and it just slides in.

A while back i got an old wooden cassette tape holder for like $2. at first i placed paints in the to corral them. the i started putting wood stamps. now with clear mount, it was available again. so i was placeing in ink pads in them. worked, but not the best. they were still stacked on top of eachother. so i made a divider out of cardboard to make shelves. i can now fit 18 pad in one cubbi without having to pull them all out (by far my most favorite idea)

I also made my own version of clip it up. while wlaking my dog i came across a lap that was madew out of metal tubing. it was perfect. i hung it up and added hook from the drapping section (its an o ring with a clip so u dont have to sew to make your own curtains) now i have all my mini medleys and sparkles and other small accessories right in hand and visible

i will be adding pics when the carama works, plus adding more clever things i have done to organize my craft room

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