Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Organizing my craft room

I am moving my craft room downstairs, so that mean reorganizing. I want to show you some things that I use to do so.
I keep all my current stamps on my desktop. They are easy to grab, plus I know which stamps are still available.  I have it set up like this; current idea book, last idea book, and wotg/sotm/hostess. In my old one, I use to keep my cricut stamps, but that got to large and no longer fit. I use a photo box for those now and they are by the cricut.  I got the idea for this box when I grabbed a box while shopping, brought it home and it fit my stamps perfectly.  I added fabric to that box, but it wasn't holding up well. So I made a new one, out of foamboard and wrapping paper.  Isn't that paper gorgeous?  I got it half off at target.  The damask part is flocked.  That is just to pretty to be used on a present.

This is where I keep my atg gun.  It is the bottom of a Velvetta cheese box.  So it is nice and sturdy.
Another item I got from target was this.  I got it for half off after Halloween.  It actually had one of those battery candles, but I just removed it.  The white isn't actually used. I placed it in there so you could see the design.  It is very gothic (the era, not the lifestyle), which I love.  I use it to hold my scissors, and cricut tools.  I have a quite larger one, I just haven't figured out what to use it for.
This has been used for the same thing the whole time. this is a cassette tape box. I ahe had it for a while. it use to hold my paints, but i wanted something different. I used cardboard to divide the spots for my ink. I love it. I might reprint it tho. I love the color, but it very hard to match. So I think I am going to stick with black, white and silver.  

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