Thursday, October 31, 2013

Welcome to this months sotm blog hop

Welcome to this months sotm blog hop.  You should be arriving from {Wendy Coffman}.
Next in the hop is { Pamela Ellison}.  If you get lost along the way, you can find the list of the hop at {Melinda Everitt}blog.

So I was working along on my card, and I lost the sentiment.  It was on my desk and now it's not. This is the second stamp I have lost in a week.  I know it's here somewhere, but the only bad thing about clear stamps is the fact they are clear.  It is nearly impossible to find them, especially if it stuck to the bottom of something.  It was a cute Christmas card with the sentiment merry and bright. I have two other stamps that have that sentiment, but they are too large for my card.  Ahhhh.  Once I find the stamp, I will finish the card and post it.  I might have to do a detail cleaning to find it, which will have to wait till my craft fair is done.  I have a lot of tutus to make.
So until my art is posted, check out the rest of the artwork.  Next in the hop is { Pamela Ellison}.

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