Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm gonna be gone for a while

Normally i do the spotlight blog hop on the 15 th, and as you can see this month I didn't. Why? Because I just found out I moving back to Michigan. Only til oct, maybe. My hubby reenlisted and his new ait date is may 2013. What? So I can't deal with another year of fort Irwin, which is practically hell on earth. So I'm moving back for half of that. I already have most of my craft room packed, so I am unable to craft. I will still be doing the sotm blog hop on the first, because the card is already made. Hah, got those done when I got all my new stuff in jan. but the spotlight and use it or lose it blogs I will not be able to participate in, till I get home in April. I will be drive all the way there, yes from Cali to Michigan , with my mil and my dog. But once I am there, I should have all the fun stuff I am making for my moms wedding to post. Yes use it or lose it will still be running, just without my artwork. See you soon.

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  1. Wow, Nikka! Good luck with your move and safe travelling!