Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June product spotlight - Relay Race

Hello Everyone. This months spotlight is a little different this month. I hosted a relay race. What? A relay race you say? What does running have to do with paper crafting? Luckily, for me and my bad knee, no running was involved. I started with an inspiration piece, that i found from our idea book, and 'ran' with it. I used it to inspire a project and then passed it to the next in line. Then She took my project to inspire her own and passed it on. And so on, and so on..... But note, we only had one project to work with.We only saw the project that was right before us. Fun, huh? All the projects have remained a mystery to everyone else, except me because I'm mean. MUhahaha. (evil laugh. it sound more evil in person)

So....... ready to start the race? *shotgun in air* And their off. (OK, this had been in the works for two months now, its my pace of race)

The Original Inspiration piece (found from the Winter idea book 2010 pg 52)And the baton is passed, to myself. That was quick for me, lol.
I don't have the photo in yet. i need to find a place to print photos. Its of my cousin putting her hands on her mom's tummy while my aunt was pregnant with her second kid. The colors are inspired by the photo actually, not the card. I loved the three blocks in the card so i adapted it to a LO. And the long flower was inspired by the card, but i didn't have a long flower( i have this stamp set now tho) so i used the vine from Blessed SOTM.

And now I pass this baton to Adeline , so go to her blog to see what she was inspired to do.

Now run, run as fast as you can(in the blog world, that can be very very slow, yay)


  1. Fun page, I like the fluttering butterflies. I like how you incorporated the card's layout into a scrapbook layout idea.

  2. Your layout is gorgeous, and I can't wait to see it finished with photos. I love how you "copied" the three blocks on your layout. The vine is beautiful, and all those butterflies are fabulous!

  3. I love your layout. I especially love how you translated a CARD into a page. What are the butterflies? A punch? They look fabulous the way you have them fluttering around the page.

  4. Pretty cool Nikka! Super job on making this card into a layout. I love how you used the stamp set.

  5. Okay, finally get a chance to try commenting again - love your page, the colors, the butterflies, and the flourish. Thanks for organizing this - it was lots of fun!

  6. woohoo - it worked - thanks for the tip!

  7. This is beautiful!! I love how you made the card into a LO. I enjoy making cards but mostly do LO so this is great inspiration! Thanks!