Monday, May 23, 2011

H2H challenge - techniques. homemade filters

So i got the new sunglasses that are red. and they so change everything red. except for red cars, for some reason those become pink. shrug. Walking around base with these glasses changes my view of my normal walk. And I had a thought, what if i was to take pics with a red filter. Now with someone who has a SLR (which i will be getting soon since i will be taking photography for my major) this is easy. Buy a red filter and screw on to lens. Now what about us who have the point and click cameras. I can't just get a filter. So what to do?

This is where I got creative. I used acetate and my bic marker. thats right. OK, some of my ideas don't work to well. So I had to try it out.

First things first. I went outside to try this out on the bushes we have outside of our house. Fort Irwin is in the high desert which means it gets really windy at night. This is what came out.

Very hard to take photos when wind is blowing the flowers. I guess i could have done it. would have made for 'artistic' photos.

Here is the photo without the filter.

My homemade red filter. just colored the acetate with red marker. Did it twice so the marks didn't show. I love how the white flower seems to glow. That is all from the lens. I didn't alter these photos after taking them (except to add my watermark)

So since this worked, I tried doing a frame. This again turned out cool.

Tips on this tho. I have a camera the lens comes out. At first my thought was just to tape the filter to the lens. then I watched the lens come out. This will not work. So I just taped my filter to a larger piece of acetate and just held it in front of the lens. Next time I will just cut the acetate longer.

Just imagine what you can do with this idea. Filters in whatever color you want, frames in shapes. You can even write on stuff, just remember to write backwards. You can also use stamps. Oh the ideas.

I know the H2H challege is on scrapbooking techniques, but this is great for photos on your scrapbook.

EDIT:this morning i triedthe stamping filter. it can work but is difficult. it has to be a small image. this is a 1 in circle, i think, and ihad to hold it out from the lens to get it to show up. that is why there is some glare in the photo. i also changed the direction i had to take the photo since the sun was ruining the photo.


  1. acetate and a sharpie... you would have thought. Thanks for sharing ... Love the glowing flower.

  2. Wow! Lots of cool stuff happening here... I just got a dslr, so I'm taking baby steps each week trying new things, I may have to experiment with a filter or two....

  3. Very cool :) Thanks for sharing at H2H!