Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ugh. I'm so sorry

Life has been crazy for me. For those who don't know, I am an army wife and where my hubby is stationed, he leaves for training alot. So while he is gone, I have to do EVERYTHING. I have a 3 yr old dog which acts like a 3 yr old kid and she demands alot of attention, and many walks. Plus I had a Holiday Bazaar I did at the last minute. Talk about stressful, try crafting for days straight all day. Brain becomes mush. And with my crafting ways, as in if I have crafters block I cannot move on til I get over that one part. (is anyone else like this, because I find it very annoying.) It was one heck of a week. But that does mean I made alot of goodies I get to show off. And maybe even a tut for yous, if you want one. I promise I will try to blog more often then just for the blog hops, which I forgot to sign up for this month. :( But this blogging more often prob won't happen til after the holidays. We are going home to Mich for xmas, gone for 3 weeks. I prob won't get much crafting done while I am gone, even tho majority of the gifts I asked for where craft related. Oh man, I just bummed myself out. Just realized I won't be able to play with most of my goodies til I get back to Cali. :(. Crafters, shed a tear for me. okay, done with being sad about the future. I can be sad in the future. I think i am done with my rant. Hope to see you soon (on my behalf, im the lazy, busy, forgetful one. maybe you are too, but i don't know that)

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