Thursday, September 9, 2010

My art for sale

I've been bad about post while in Mich. But I have been working on art. I am doing a garage sale for my mom and decided to sell some of my artwork there as well. More money to spend on new items from the catty. :)

My major items have been altered tiles and canvases.

This is the first tile I made. I was so glad how this turned out. The stamping on the tile turned out great. I am so happy.

I am having problems with this one. I dyed the satin ribbon with our new Lagoon ink pad, and this been done for a week now, but it is still absorbing thruthe top layer and staining it. I love how this looks, but don't know what to do about the staining. I already added an extra feather under the peacock to cover one stain. If anyone has a tip, I would be greatfull. I have not had this problem before. This is the same ribbon I have dyed before.

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